Even on the worst day there's a possibility forJOY

I think that there is nothing that a pencil and a sheet can not create, make true .. everything is possible. The hope is the last to die,Always

Kate Beckett

When she realizes Castle is not there ..

My heart 3


When she realizes Castle is not there ..

My heart 3

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Young Beckett
Motorcycle Girl

Stana Katic CicLavia 2014

Today is a day that marks on the calendar to not forget is that day where you would like the distances were not so huge just to give a hug, is one of those days where someone would laugh in your face telling you “ahahaha .. XD so much importance to one that not even know that you exist “and they are right but who cares?!?!? Today is your birthday Nathan! and I wanted to get you the best wishes for a wonderful birthday for a person with your cheerfulness, your sensuality , your sarcasm can really make the world better as you wish!


whit love

I just want YOU!

I just want YOU!

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“I’m freaking out here,” Heat said. “Either your theories are getting better, or working with you, I’m starting to lose it.”

-Heat Rises-

"We have such a great Castle family with our crew and cast. And I think it has a lot to do with Stana and Nathan both putting forth that like look, we don’t have any diva’s here, we’re not going to have any diva’s, we’re going to be a family"

-Tamala Jones-

Tam interview